EBITDA: AUD 100 million in 2016
Number of Employees: 1970
Sales: AUD 608 million in 2016

I-MED is one of the world’s leading diagnostic imaging providers. It was formed in 2000 and offers comprehensive and high-quality services including X-ray, PET, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Mammography and Interventional Procedures.

Across Australia, I-MED operates 200 clinics covering all major metropolitan areas and significant parts of rural Australia. Each year more than 4 million patient procedures are performed by I-MED’s 300 radiologists, 50 nuclear medicine physicians, and 3,500 staff.

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Market trends and drivers

The diagnostic imaging ("DI") industry in Australia is a stable and growing one. An ageing population, higher incidence of chronic diseases, and increasing focus on preventative medicine, enabled by better medical technology, are among the fundamental drivers of the industry’s growth. The markets in Asia are nascent and rapidly growing, driven by increased DI penetration and similar demographic and medical trends, representing long-term attractive expansion opportunities.

Investment potential

EQT invested in I-MED because of its market leadership in an attractive market and its strong track record of offering quality comprehensive services. The value creation plan includes strengthening market shares and expanding geographical footprint further in Australia, leveraging on the Company’s scale and network, and on its high quality of services and technology. Profitability can be enhanced through fully integrating the network. The potential exists to pursue international expansion into high-growth Asian markets.