Investment strategies

EQT invests in good companies across the world with a mission to develop them into great and sustainable companies. EQT has four overall investment strategies –  Private Capital (including VenturesMid-Market and Equity), Real Assets (including Infrastructure and Real Estate), Credit and Public Value – guided by a responsible ownership approach and an industrial growth strategy.

Strategic sector approach

In order to have the best possible business intelligence, spot trends and opportunities, analyze markets, industries and investment themes, a strategic sector approach is applied, monitoring certain sectors perceived as attractive for generating long-term value. Currently, five sectors are followed, namely Healthcare, TMT, Services, Consumer and Industrial Technology.

Both the Industrial Advisors and the Investment Advisory Professionals, as well as management within the EQT portfolio companies, actively engage in relevant sector teams sharing know-how and experience, interacting and capturing a broad spectrum of ideas - across industries, countries and regions, and across investment strategies.

Keeping an ear close to the ground is a key priority for the various sector teams to make sure EQT stays "ahead of the curve" at all times.