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Entrepreneurship and an industrial approach have been the core of the EQT business model since the start and from the very beginning, the focus has been on sustainable portfolio company development.

The heritage of the Wallenberg family's traditions of engaged and responsible ownership as well as the entrepreneurial spirit were key components when EQT came about in the early 1990's. Since then, entrepreneurship and an industrial approach have been the heart and soul of the EQT business model as well as the focus on supporting the development of good companies into great.

In addition, a long-term view and Industrial Advisors with deep experience from a variety of industries and regions combined with skilled Investment Advisory Professionals have proven to be a powerful combination - in good times as well as in bad.

From Nordic to Global

Investment advisory firm EQT Partners established by Conni Jonsson together with Investor AB, AEA Investors (a US-based private equity group) and SEB.
EQT Partners Stockholm office opens

EQT I launched (Nordic buyouts)
Brukens Thermotreat first investment

EQT Partners Copenhagen office opens
SEB sells its shares to Investor AB and AEA

EQT Partners Helsinki and Munich offices opens

EQT Partners Zürich office opens
Partners acquired 33% of Investor’s shares in EQT Partners AB.

EQT Expansion Capital I Fund launched

EQT Partners Frankfurt and Hong Kong offices open

EQT Opportunity and EQT Greater China funds launched

EQT Partners Oslo and Shanghai offices open
Partners increase ownership to 69% in EQT Partners AB, Investor AB holds remainder

EQT Partners New York and Warsaw offices open
EQT Infrastructure I Fund launched

EQT Partners London and Singapore offices open
EQT Credit Fund launched
Signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI)

EQT VI launched - raised in less than nine months at hard cap EUR 4.75 billion

Future funds to be managed on-shore in Europe
EQT Holdings AB in Stockholm established
Tampnet (independent supplier of high capacity communication to offshore Oil & Gas installations in the North Sea) first investment within new on-shore structure

EQT Infrastructure II fund launched - first fund domiciled on-shore in Europe
EQT Credit II fund launched at EUR 845 million
EQT Mid Market fund launched at EUR 1.1 billion

Thomas Von Koch appointed new Managing Partner and Conni Jonsson becomes Chairman of EQT Holdings AB's Board of Directors
EQT celebrates 20 years in business
EQT files its first UN PRI Transparency Report

EQT Partners Madrid office opens
EQT VII launched - closes at the hard cap of EUR 6.75 billion

EQT Mid Market Asia III fund launched - closes at USD 800 billion
EQT Mid Market Credit fund launched - closes at EUR 530 million
EQT Ventures fund launched - commitments totaling EUR 566 million
EQT's first US-dedicated fund, EQT Mid Market US, closes at USD 726 million

EQT Infrastructure III fund closes at EUR 4.0 billion 
EQT Mid Market Europe fund closes at EUR 1.6 billion
EQT Real Estate fund closes at EUR 420 million

EQT Partners' Berlin and San Francisco offices opens
EQT VIII closes at EUR 10.75 billion
EQT Mid Market Credit II fund closes at EUR 2.3 billion

EQT Infrastructure IV closes at EUR 9 billion